We bought Bottos (BTO) at 0.000017 BTC. Another long term hold AI will be huge in the future!
We Bought Coss at 0.00007BTC. This will be a long term hold of a small market cap coin that we see has huge potential. We will review it soon!
Bitcoin has broke the $8800 resistance and its next key resistance is now at $12,500. We expect a small correction on hitting $12,500 and for it to take some time to break this key point.



‘Solid fundamentals are the key to any smart investment’

If you are new to cryptocurrency or want to improve your knowledge, cryptoschool is the simple guide to help get your cryptocurrency journey started. Through 4 brief sections you will learn what the blockchain is, how to buy Bitcoin, how to trade cryptocurrencies on exchanges and how to keep your cryptocurrency safe.


‘Share knowledge and learn from other like minded people’

If you want to communicate with other people the cryptoforum makes it simple. You can post public messages, add friends and create private groups to discuss cryptocurrencies. We regularly check the forum, answer questions and post discussion topics for new developments in the crypto sphere so you have the latest news.


‘Helping you find the top picks so you can make the best ROI’

If you are looking for information about the top cryptocurrencies, cryptoinvest will help you find the cryptocurrencies that have the potential to give you the best returns. Upcoming ICO’s will be reviewed so you can invest in the best cryptocurrencies early on. You can also view our current cryptocurrency portfolio which you can mirror.


Our mission is to supply you with all the information you need to understand cryptocurrency, make your first investment, keep your cryptocurrency safe and keep you uptodate with the latest cryptocurrencies. Best of all we do this without charging you a cent. We make our revenue via affiliate programs so please do kindly click the links to support us. You can also support us by donating through our donation page.

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