Track our portfolio


Track our portfolio

Our portfolio is shown below in percentage terms. All changes to the portfolio with dates and times will be shown below so you can copy our portfolio.



Current ROI - last update 19.2.18

Investing $10,000 would have earned you $6,360 or a total of $16,360

Update 7.2.18 – increased BTC holdings at BTC price $8000 

Update 9.2.18 – switched some BTC to buy WPR (WePower) at 0.000019 BTC. Aiming to switch back to BTC once price doubles to 0.00004BTC

Update 13.2.18 -switched some BTC to buy COSS (COSS) at 0.00007 BTC. Aiming to keep long term

Update 18.2.18 – switched some BTC to buy BOTTOS (BTO) at 0.000017 BTC

Update 19.2.18 – switched some BTC to get Dragon chain (DRGN)

Update 19.2.18 – switched some HST to get more HPB

Update 19.2.18 – switched the rest of BTC to get Centra (CTR) – note whilst there were scam alerts in the past. The scam members are gone and this project if it delivers will be huge. Regardless it is a small part of the portfolio in case it doesn’t deliver given the past.

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